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Our History


Our History

General Motivation came into being over 40 years ago with a dream of providing the very best in service, taste, and simplicity to companies worldwide.  Our fine collection of Service recognition products and custom awards has kept us in the spotlight for decades.  With a focus on classic elegance and unmistakable quality, General Motivation continues to help hundreds of companies express a message of appreciation to their employees. 

Service – Built on our reputation for unsurpassed customer service, General Motivation has become synonymous with “Continuous Value” to our customers.

Taste -  Good taste is a simple idea, yet too often overlooked in today’s recognition industry.  In order to strengthen the relationship between employer and employee, General Motivation ensures that vital element of taste is present in each and every product and service we provide.

Simplicity – We strive to make the entire Service recognition process simple from beginning to end.  With our first-class customer service staff, you’ll find your company’s specific needs will be met with an amazing attention to detail.  Our automation of ordering, quick response shipping, and ease of administration is the finest in the industry.

We set out to meet these goals over 40 years ago, and we’re certain we’ve achieved them.  But don’t just take our word for it.  We’ll gladly put you in touch with our very happy customers.  We’re confident you’ll love what they have to say!

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